“World of Work” is an interactive questionnaire that lets participants answer questions about their work and compare themselves to others. It is a collective expedition into the work environment of young Europeans. And for the generation of their parents, it's an opportunity to learn what their offspring thinks about work, money and the future.

As soon as we've collected enough answers, you will be able to access the results directly. But that's not it: For the investigation to spread all over Europe, we need your help. As of now, the user interface is only available in French, German and English. We would like to make it accessible to all 24 languages of the EU and are looking for volunteers to translate the 60 questions. Interested? Get in touch via email at  world-of-work@arte.tv.
All partners of the project will be credited and get unlimited access to the results of the survey. They will also have the right to reuse the fully anonymized data in future publications.

World of Work is built by Journalism++ for Arte with advice from Prof. Dr. Albrecht Söllner, European University Viadrina. The code is open source and available on Github.

Idea and concept: Sinje Matzner, editing: Donatien Huet and Alexandra Maillet, social media: Jonas Schlatterbeck

Development: Pierre Bellon, Paul Joannon, Pierre Romera, Edouard Richard, project management: Anne-Lise Bouyer, editorial: Sebastian Kraus, Nicolas Kayser-Bril and Iris Hartl, illustrations: Marion Boucharlat, graphic design: Thomas Guillembet

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